Pelanggan Cargo Udara Citilink Marah

The destination from Kargo Citilink to Soekarno-Hatta with the canceled flight number QG011 will start on Monday (14/01/2019) at Kualanamu International Airport. Informasi yang beredar, dari Video suasana kabin di grup percakapan Whatsapp. Dalam video itu penumpang tampak gugup yang kepanasan di dalam kabin. Sehingga pesawat batal terbang karena permintaan penumpang.
Circulating information from video to the atmosphere of the cabins in Whatsapp discussion groups. In the video, the passengers in front of the cabin looked nervous. So the plane flew because of the demand of the passengers.

From someone who got up, there was also a fan who used a magazine that had been created by overheating. "Two million, you know the ticket, but it's worse than this Angkot," said a passenger wearing glasses in the video.

Later, Kuala Namu Airport gave a statement. That there is actually a technical obstacle to the radiator in the passenger cabin. Budi Setianto, Head of Communications and Legal Affairs at the Kualanamu Wisnu Branch, said the Citilink aircraft was supposed to start at around 11:30 am WIB. The road is located at Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport, Jakarta.

"The plane was moving, but the pilot decided to return to Apron because of the condition of the passenger cabin," Wisnu said Monday (14/01/2019). Wisnu said the plane returned to the apron as it headed for the runway. When the passengers protested, the pilot decided to return to the asphalt. After returning to the deck, the passenger is lowered.

The airline then offers a hearty meal and a 19 RPR voucher. 300 thousand. "At that moment, the situation was solved, the passengers had picked up the spare plane Citilink QG929 from Pekanbaru and had already left at 3.40 clock," said Wisnu.

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