Astronot dan Robotika Pesawat Kargo SpaceX Dragon

The SpaceX Dragon cargo plane is described as an orbital complex located on the space station of the International Harmony module,

Pesawat kargo SpaceX Dragon dideskripsikan sebagai kompleks orbital yang terletak di stasiun ruang angkasa Harmony Internasional, yang berjalan lebih dari 261 km di atas Samudra Hindia, di tenggara benua Afrika. Lengan robot Canadarm membagi bingkai secara vertikal sebelum keberangkatan yang direncanakan.

which travels more than 261 km above the Indian Ocean, in the south-east of the African continent. The robotic arm of the Canadarm divides the frame vertically before fighting with a spacecraft before its planned departure.

Three 58 members of the expedition have completed SpaceX Dragon freighters with today's scientific and material experiments. The final preparations for the departure of the vehicles are now underway, while the team at the landing site was waiting for favorable weather conditions for the return of Dragon.

Dragon is expected to leave the International Space Station on Thursday morning, but the mission leader has decided to postpone the departure. The official evaluated the release date of Sunday, January 13 for the return of the Dragon on Earth.

The robot controller maneuvered the robotic arm of Canadarm2 Wednesday and fought the dragon while it was still attached to the Harmony. Before Naga's departure, they removed Harmony's Dragon from a distance and slowly led him to his release position.

Astronaut Anne McClain will be in the dome as robotics experts instruct Canadarm2 to release the dragon to complete its mission in the orbital lab. He will supervise his departure, while his commander Oleg Kononenkodan, aerospace engineer David Saint-Jacques, performs his day-to-day science and maintenance duties.

Naga, who arrived at the station on December 8, will orbit the earth in a few hours before returning to the atmosphere. It will be parachuted into the Pacific Ocean off the southern coast of California, where SpaceX personnel will probe. They will send it to the beach, where NASA engineers will pick up valuable cargo and immediately send it to the country's investigators for analysis.

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